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Offering Needed Empowerment Truly Helping to Uplift Many By Simply Using Perserverance


  On January 14, 2011, 17 yr old Rainia "NeNe” Holmes passed away from complications of Epilepsy. Epileptics usually experience a postictal period following a seizure, whereas they cannot speak temporarily; as a result her brother initiated a form of communication Rainia could use to let her family know that she was okay. So he encouraged her to give “One Thumbs Up” which not only served to convey her well being to friends/family, but more importantly it enabled her to remain positive despite the adversity she faced. This foundation has been established in her memory for Rainia was thoughtful, caring and loved helping others; she strongly believed in equality and wanted more than anything to gain her independence despite her disability. The One Thumbs Up Organization and seal reflect the resilience and strength displayed by Rainia and others like her. We honor Rainia by assisting Special Needs Youth. 

MISSION: The purpose of this organization is to support/empower special needs youth by providing: Scholarships; Backpacks/School Supplies; Bone Marrow Drives for Chronically ill youth. Our Goal is to enable youth to be more self-sufficient, while enhancing their quality of life.

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Each year One Thumbs Up hosts a Back to School Event and delivers book bags/school supplies to local school districts

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Since 2011 One Thumbs Up has provided thousands of dollars in scholarships to aspiring helping professionals, as well as Special Needs Youth in Arkansas and Illinois

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